What is worse a paper cut or stubbing one of your toes?

Answer Stubbing my toe on a piece of paper and getting a paper cut. OWWWW!!! Paper cuts are lame. So small, but so bothersome. Stubbed toes, lame as well. It's your own darn fault you moved your foot... Read More »

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Is extreme bloating and cramping in your lower abdomen and lower back through your hips and to the tips of your toes a sign of pregnancy if it feels like PMS only worse?

Answer Those were my exact symptoms (except the toe pain :)) i knew i was pregnant before i even took a test. you and only you know ur body and know when there is something different going on! as l... Read More »

How to Play What Can Your Toes Do?

Here are some fun games you can play at sleepovers to see how talented ur toes are!

What do you do if when your toes get cold at night?

What could cause tingling on two of your left toes?

Answer Blood sugar problems and nerve problems, which often go hand in hand, are just a few things that can cause tingling in your limbs. This is a stretch though based on your problem, but see a ... Read More »