What is workplace health and safety legislation?

Answer Workplace safety and health legislation has had a dramatic impact on the American workplace. Safety and health inspections are performed regularly in many industries, and recent laws have added pro... Read More »

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What are the main areas of employment and health and safety legislation in the hospitality industory?

Describe how policies and procedures promote health and safety in the health and social care workplace?

What Are the Benefits of Good Health & Safety in the Workplace?

Good health and safety in the workplace can be positive for the entire company. Your company should have a qualified health and safety administrator who understands the federal laws regarding workp... Read More »

What was the first jurisdiction in the world to introduce a workplace health&safety obligation?

The first group to introduce any kind of safety regulation was the railroad. George Westinghouse created the first workplace safety modifications in 1887 by modifying the passenger train's air brak... Read More »