Who made Wood-Aire wood burning stoves?

Answer The Wood-Aire brand is owned by the Wood-Aire Fireplace Manufacturing Co., Inc. The company is headquartered in Commerce, Oklahoma. Wood-Aire sells forced-air and wood-burning fireplaces for use in... Read More »

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Why are structures made of wood or steel more likely to survive strong ground shaking than structures made of brick or concretre?

im no engineerbut i would say steel and wood have the trait of movementbricks and concrete are basically "glued" together and are strong as a supporti suggest that a "brick" the size of a family ca... Read More »

What is wood ash made of?

Wood ash is composed of the residue left behind after the combustion of wood or wood fiber. Sometimes used as a fertilizer, wood ash contains several nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus and po... Read More »

What wood is a cricket bat made of?

Most cricket bats are made from willow, a soft, fibrous wood that has a honeycomb cell structure. Willow's ability to hold moisture makes it ideal for manufacturing into bats, yielding a product wi... Read More »

How is a bevel cut made on wood?

Bevel cuts are used in woodworking to add to the look of a finished piece and are often part of the fundamental structure of a wooden item. There are a variety of power and hand tools which can mak... Read More »