Who made Wood-Aire wood burning stoves?

Answer The Wood-Aire brand is owned by the Wood-Aire Fireplace Manufacturing Co., Inc. The company is headquartered in Commerce, Oklahoma. Wood-Aire sells forced-air and wood-burning fireplaces for use in... Read More »

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What is wood ash made of?

Wood ash is composed of the residue left behind after the combustion of wood or wood fiber. Sometimes used as a fertilizer, wood ash contains several nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus and po... Read More »

What wood was the cross made of?

It is unknown what type of wood the cross Jesus was crucified on was made out of, as the Bible does not mention any specific wood. The Romans also did not keep records of what kind of wood was used... Read More »

What wood is a cricket bat made of?

Most cricket bats are made from willow, a soft, fibrous wood that has a honeycomb cell structure. Willow's ability to hold moisture makes it ideal for manufacturing into bats, yielding a product wi... Read More »

What wood is a violin made of?

Violins are made from different varieties of wood. The most common are maple and spruce, with spruce used for the top, lining and blocks of the violin, and maple for the back, neck, scroll and ribs... Read More »