What is with wikipedia hating on people?

Answer Wikipedia is the perfect platform for "hating on" people.Do you want to hate on a B-list celebrity without attaching your real name to that vitriol? Easy. Just go on Wikipedia, put in some halfway ... Read More »

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Why in general brothers hating their sisters stories are more commonly heard compared to sisters hating their brothers and same sex siblings hating each other?

I haven't really thought of any situation as more common than the others, but I think it's because younger brothers tend to consider their sisters as "pests" and older brothers consider their siste... Read More »

Do you think people need to stop hating on what kind of music people like?

How to Be Like Massie Block Without People Hating You?

Of course you all know who Massie Block is. She's rich and beautiful and most of all popular. A lot of girls want to be just like her! You don't have to be rich just keep on reading.

How to Stop Hating on People Because of Their Social Group?

Do you find yourself stereotyping others just because they're different than you? Do you want to change that? Look no further-this article will help you.