What is with the suddenly hostility towards everyone here?

Answer I'm with you on this one Eshelle!Dude, I'm still in high school, senior actually...but who cares!At least I'm not immature like half these people.Ugh, everyone is being so catty about everything.Es... Read More »

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Why the hostility toward non-vegetarians?

Most of the hostility here originates with the vegetarians, and is directed at non-vegetarians. Most of the hostility from non-vegetarians is reactionary, although admittedly it's not always polite... Read More »

How to Develop Strategies for Reducing Hostility?

It is important for one to realize that one can succeed in life without sacrificing your health and happiness in the process. Hostile behavior is by far the most negative way of trying to cope with... Read More »

Dividing an airbase into multiple sectors or zones before hostility occur allows a commander to assign threat base protective actions and MOPP levels for individual areas when an attack occurs. what t?

Yes, but having a degree does not guarantee it. If you enlist into the military with a degree, you could be selected for OCS, but you could also be passed up for it. No one joins as an officer exce... Read More »

Why Might a Cat Suddenly Die After Being Sick One Day?

Like humans, cats get sick too. Unfortunately, unlike humans, cats can't vocalize what ails them. Sadly, a cat can be sick one day and pass away the next. This happens for any number of reasons. Th... Read More »