What is with that ANNOYING 009 Sound System song on YouTube?

Answer 009 soundsystem - Dreamscape...thats the one i've heard the most...I like it!

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Would a 250 watt sound system be a decent sound system?

First, the watts is not a description of system output capability. Output is expressed in SPL (Sound Pressure Level) in dB. It could alternatively be expressed in acoustic watts but in that case... Read More »

I have a koss ks5190 dvd surround sound system.then speakers are hooked up and sound comes out for dvds?

Usually the amplifier would have sockets for connecting more than one source of input signals.Check whether your system has this facility.They will be marked Line In A or 1 (Left & Right)Line In B ... Read More »

On PS3, I use an HDMI cable and have sound for the system, video and audio, but no sound during games Help?

For the best advise contact your supplier

What do you consider the most annoying sound in the world To me its a motorcycle engine.?

Let's see: Fingernails down the chalkboard ranks up there, as does the barking of one of those tiny yap-dogs like Schnauzers. Oh, wait a minute...the #1 most annoying sound in the world has GOT t... Read More »