What is with people's obsession with coffee?

Answer coke and pepsi are good paint is not

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What is the obsession with...?

There is a bran muffin cult lurking in YA..they chant about bran muffins and melting butter or things come out like butter, I can't quite make it out.

What is the obsession with Justin Thoreaux?

He's hot and engaged to one of the most famous actresses in the world. Hence the obsession. As for why Aniston is with him, only she knows.

What is the obsession with Nikon and Canon?

Not true. Nikon and Canon pour way more money into R & D, because they have the cash flow to do so. The result is they get technologically better products to market faster. You simply can't bea... Read More »

What is the obsession with boob jobs anyway?

I used to date a girl who was so distressed about having 'small' became an obsession with her, and in the end it became very difficult to maintain a relationship with her. if I said siz... Read More »