What is wireless LAN technology?

Answer Wireless LAN, or Local Area Network, technology lets users connect multiple computers to each other and to the Internet without the use of network cables. Types of wireless LAN technology include W... Read More »

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How do I connect sony wireless laptop to hp printer using wireless technology?

Like the first guy said, your printer needs to be wireless, unless your router has the capability to add printers to the network, most will have a small picture on the back of the box the cam from ... Read More »

What is Wi-Fi wireless LAN technology?

Wi-Fi, short for Wireless Fidelity, is a standardized method to enable computers and other devices to communicate with one another in a wireless local area network (LAN). Almost all newer laptops a... Read More »

Bluetooth Wireless Technology for Windows?

Bluetooth technology is present is a variety of different devices, from mobile phones to your home computer. The Bluetooth capabilities of your Windows computer in particular allow you to do quite ... Read More »

Is Wireless technology a health hazard And How?

The answer to this keeps swinging back and forth.One year scientists say constant exposure to wireless is bad, the next year, it's not.However, anything that uses wireless frequencies require FCC a... Read More »