What is winzip?

Answer Winzip compresses files, saving storage space and reducing transmission times for email with attachments. This compression utility can zip and unzip files and folders, encrypt sensitive data and ba... Read More »

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What is WinZip used for?

WinZip is a Windows-based commercial program, with a free version, that compresses, encrypts, packages and backs up files through easy-to-use dialog boxes. The Pro version adds automated backups, i... Read More »

How do I use WinZip Pro?

Download and InstallationDownload WinZip Pro. (See Resources.) Save the file that you download to your desktop for easy access. Double-click the installation file that was saved to your desktop, an... Read More »

What is a winzip program?

WinZip is a file compression software application created by WinZip Computing for the PC computer. Computer users can create file archives that organize and compress the size of selected files with... Read More »

Free winzip?

There are plenty. Winzip, however, remains 'on trial' forever (unless they have changed things).Windows XP has a zip/unzip engine built in but if you want a basic standalone program, 7zip http://ww... Read More »