What is wintergreen?

Answer An evergreen shrub, the wintergreen plant is familiar in Northwest gardens, as well as in its native Northeast range. With white blooms twice a year, wintergreen can produce foliage, flowers and fr... Read More »

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Why do wintergreen lifesavers spark?

Wintergreen Life Savers spark due to the friction and electric fields created when biting down on them and wintergreen oil's interaction with ultraviolet light, according to Exploratorium.FrictionL... Read More »

How to Make Nasal Spray With Wintergreen Oil?

An irritating symptom during allergy, cold or flu season is a stuffed up nose. According to the Mayo Clinic, inflammation of nasal tissue causes this clogged, stuffy feeling. You can use nasal spra... Read More »

Does Skoal dip pouches have wintergreen as one of their flavors?

Why do wintergreen mints spark in your mouth?

Biting into a wintergreen Life Savers candy creates a small lightning storm in one's mouth. The flash of light is due to friction and is a harmless phenomenon.TriviaThe unusual reaction is known as... Read More »