What is windows virtual memory?

Answer Windows virtual memory is a "paging file" that allows active programs to store on a hard disk information that does not yet have to be loaded into physical memory.Physical memoryRandom Access Memor... Read More »

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What is windows virtual memory is low?

When opening Office programs on a computer, the phrase "Windows virtual memory is low" may occur if the paging file value is set too low. Users can increase the paging file value in the Computer or... Read More »

What is "virtual memory" And how can I increase it on Windows XP?

virtual memory used hard drive space and pretends its ram. its used to store stuff thats just sitting aroudn your ram, not being used, but wasting space. so its plopped on the hard drive for later ... Read More »

What is low virtual memory on a computer with Windows XP?

A low virtual memory message on a computer with Windows XP means that you have to increase your virtual memory paging file. Your computer uses virtual memory to augment your RAM hardware.References... Read More »

What can I do to fix this error message in my computer : "Windows Virtual Memory Too Low"?

You probably have 2 problems: 1. too many applications are asking for memory/RAM and your current RAM is too small to accommodate the requests so it creates "virtual memory" which is just space all... Read More »