What is windows installer, and how do I make it work if it doesn't?

Answer You didn't post the error code(s) so...How to fix windows installer error :…Simple Techniques to Fix Windows Installer Error: Read More »

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How to Correct Windows Installer Service Error 1719 in Windows Vista?

Programs that are downloaded to your Vista computer or contained on a CD typically use the Windows Installer to copy files onto the system. When the Windows Installer is corrupt, an error 1719 can ... Read More »

How to Reinstall Windows Installer for Windows Home Basic?

The Windows Installer on your Vista Windows Home Basic edition manages both installations and uninstallations of software on the machine, making it a critical component of the operating system. Rep... Read More »

How do you make a sunburn stop hurting without using aloe vera because i tried that and it doesnt work?

theres some spray stuff you can get at walgreens or cvs that has lidocaine in it it will numb it up...or maybe its benzocaine....somethin like that

Downloading Windows Installer Package for Windows XP?

The Microsoft Windows installer package is a redistributable operating system level service that manages the installation of other software. The Windows installer allows for complex installations t... Read More »