What is windows card space?

Answer Cardspace is just a complicated way to store your personal information and send it to sites you trust.The guy didn't install it - Windows installs it as an update.If you can find a use for it, use ... Read More »

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How do you download apps to your sd card if you have an android phone running v 2.1 and your internal memory is full but you have tons of space on your sd card?

If I understood you correctly, downloading apps to sdcard is by default on android phones that have sdcard... Did I get you right?

How much space does windows 98 take up on a cd?

The Windows 98 operating system takes approximately 500 megabytes on the installation disc that it is stored on. This is why Microsoft recommends a total of 500 megabytes on your hard drive when yo... Read More »

How many GB of space can an SD card hold?

an SD card is not 1 size, they come in a variety of sizes from 256MB to 8GB

What is a partition space for Windows XP?

A partition space is a section on your hard drive that you designate for a particular purpose. For example, you can partition your drive into two sections--one for personal use and one for work use... Read More »