What is willow bark?

Answer Willow bark is an herb derived from the willow tree or shrub. White willow bark, combined with the stronger crack and purple willow, sells within Europe and the United States for medicinal purposes... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Willow Bark?

While there is little in the way of true research to support the variety of health claims made for willow bark, the long history of use traces back to 500 B.C when ancient Chinese healers began usi... Read More »

Is willow bark bad for your kidneys?

On One Hand: Positive Medicinal UsesWillow bark is one of the main ingredients in aspirin, and has been used for various medical purposes as far back as 400 BC. Willow bark has been used to treat h... Read More »

Properties of White Willow Bark?

The White Willow tree (Salix alba) is a small tree known for its slender, graceful branches. Its long leaves are white on the underside, giving it a silvery glimmer. Native to Europe, White Willows... Read More »

Do reindeer eat willow tree bark?

Reindeer do eat willow bark, but only as a last resort. They will dine on willow bark if they cannot find other food, although willow bark is not their favorites. Willows grow very fast, so even if... Read More »