What is wild berry demi-glace?

Answer Demi-glaces are used to add rich flavor to a meal. Additional ingredients can be added to the sauce to provide a more complementing flavor to the other ingredients in the meal.Basic Demi-GlaceA dem... Read More »

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What is a demi glace?

A demi-glace comes from French cuisine. It is a brown sauce that can also be a base for several other sauces, such as wild mushroom sauce for steak or Chateaubriand sauce. Demi-glace can be made se... Read More »

What is shiraz demi glace?

Chefs often feature dishes with a demi-glace sauce. Used in classic French cuisine, a demi-glace sauce is a time-consuming sauce to make yet one that is delicious to consume. Many times chefs make ... Read More »

How to Make a Red Wine Demi Glace?

Demi glace is a rich sauce made with red wine and beef, veal or vegetable stock. Popular red wines used to make a demi glace include Madeira and sherry. Red wine demi glace can be used alone, on me... Read More »

How to Brew Simple Wild Berry Wine?

People have been practicing fermentation for thousands of years, without a lot of technology. You can do it, too.