What is wikipedia protesting?

Answer The Bill is SOPA, a bill to be passed by congress that allows ANY site to be shut down immidately by the government if it violates a copyright, this means the the second the bill is passed, the nex... Read More »

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Can someone please explain why Wikipedia, Google, and such are protesting about the internet?

Just Copyright Purposes...Its To Stop People Who Download Copyrighted Material Illegally...Such As Websites As Megaupload Or Pirate Bay...

How to Get a Neighbor to Stop Protesting Against Your House Extension Plans?

To get a neighbour to stop protesting against your house extension plans.

What is the website that is kind of like wikipedia but, is not wikipedia? ?This website has the same format as Wikipedia but it is a lot less serious.

What is this heading meant to be on this Wikipedia page (Wikipedia vandals have edited it)?