What is wikipedia i don,t know what is this it HELP?

Answer it's an online encyclopedia..

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Help with this song!! i dont know what it is called?

Please Help me.I dont know how to explain this to my parents.?

You do not mention having fevers, weight loss, weakness, or night sweats so you are missing typical symptoms of cancer. Seventeen year olds do not get anal cancer. Most likely you have piles or hem... Read More »

Omg i dont know what to do! help me!?

ok, im pretty sure you have a sprained wrist, but since its hurting w/o activity, it might be majior and last for a long period of time. put an ice patch on ur wrist so u can numb the pain. do this... Read More »

I dont know what to do =[ please help?

Must have affected your typing...go to the doctors