What is wiki magic and have you ever experienced it?

Answer Its Magic Wiki not Wiki MagicMagic Wiki is devoted to the theatrical art of magic and conjuring. This wiki has potential to be a large, informative wiki covering the terms and meaning of magic thro... Read More »

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The greatest physical pain you have ever experienced is what?

I had recieved a burn so bad to the back of my leg that it was out side the chart of bern degrees. It was black and leathery and burned down past the muscle.That was not the pain part. The doctor h... Read More »

Have you ever experienced a "brain freeze", if so, can you explain it to me?

Hi Kaytee! Brain freeze, or its given scientific name Spheno Palatine Gangleoneuralgia is a term used to describe a form of cranial pain or headache which people are known to sometimes ... Read More »

What's the worst physical pain you have ever experienced?

giving birth 4 times,the last one was the most painful,baby was distressed and pooed inside me, i was whisked away for an emergency caesarean,but managed to push somehow with a midwives hand inside... Read More »

Have you ever experienced the sound / music quality from a Bose Wave Radio or 3-2-1 system?

Despite their claims Bose is the least respected name in least among audiophiles. Check any audio forum and see what is said about Bose. I measured the distortion on the Wave Radio onc... Read More »