Who's in 2ww - i am with a whopping 12days to go!!!!...?

Answer goodluck baby! wishing you a bfp! thanks for your kind words too on my bfp post, just hope it sticks, its very early days.i used preseed every time we done 'it' and we did it loads, i am still in ... Read More »

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I've got a whopping sore tooth ........ my Dentist can't fit me in for 7 days?

beleive it or not bonjela tht stuff you put on babys gums works a treat hate toothache mate feel better

Do cough drops make you cough more?

yes that is the entire purpose of the cough drop industry, to make you cough more, Joey.

What is a dry cough?

A cough is a reflex that protects your airway, and helps clear your lungs and throat of irritants such as cigarette smoke. A dry cough is nonproductive, meaning it doesn't produce mucus or phlegm.T... Read More »

Why do you wee a bit when you cough?

It's called stress incontinence. See the link below for details.