How is white bread made?

Answer White bread is named for its color which is achieved by using white, as opposed to brown, whole-grain flour. What makes the preparation of white bread different from that of other breads is the use... Read More »

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WHAT is black or white pudding made from?…OMG you'll never eat it if you see that.Anyway...Black pudding - Black puddingFrom Scottish breakfasts to Spanish tapas, blood sausages have a long and co... Read More »

What is distilled white vinegar made from?

Distilled white vinegar is a type of vinegar derived from distilled natural alcohols. Sources of such alcohols come from plants such as corn or sugar cane. The alcohol is diluted and then fermented... Read More »

What Are White Plain Candles Made of?

Plain white candles are common in homes, churches and other settings all around the world, yet many people have no idea what they are made of. Most white candles are simply made of paraffin, a waxy... Read More »

Were White sewing machines made in the USA?

While White sewing machines are no longer being manufactured, the sewing machines were originally produced in Cleveland, Ohio. Production was moved to Japan and Taiwan after World War III. Later ... Read More »