What is white line disease in donkeys?

Answer White line disease (WLD) affects the donkey's hoof by eating away at its white line. This can affect the coronary band of the donkey and can cause it to be in pain.CausesThe main cause of white lin... Read More »

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Evaporation line does evap line have color ( blue or pink ) or is it a different shade of white?

Evap lines result with the test's antibody strip just looks slightly different than the space around it. The Test/Result line turns pink only if pregnancy hormone is detected. If not, the moisture... Read More »

What is the white line on top of the tongue?

If you have any white lines on top of your tongue it could indicate a problem such as lichen planus or migratory glossitis (see "References"). Unless migratory glossitis is malignant, neither condi... Read More »

What is the black line above the earpiece on the white iPhone 4?

Proximity sensor. Turns off the screen when the phone is pressed agains your head so that you don't ear dial. Most phones have them

Fuzzy White Disease on Dracaena Plants?

Dracaena is a popular house plant because of its relatively high disease tolerance and striking foliage. If your dracaena is covered in small fuzzy white spots, it may be infested by long-tailed me... Read More »