What is white lightning?

Answer Immortalized in the George Jones country song of the same name, "white lightning" is a slang term for moonshine, which is liquor that is distilled illegally. It's a colloquial phrase for grain alco... Read More »

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What to do if TV is struck by Lightning?

What the Hell was your TV doing outside in the first place?

What Causes Heat Lightning?

Heat lightning refers to lightning that occurs in the distance during a hot summer day that lacks a characteristic thunderclap. The causes of heat lightning are actually the same as all types of l... Read More »

What year was the lightning rod invented?

The lightning rod was invented in 1752 by Benjamin Franklin. He flew a kite during a storm, attaching a metal key that acted as his lightning rod. As a result of his work, lightning rods on many bu... Read More »

What Are Thunder and Lightning Storms?

Thunder and lightning storms occur when hot and cold air mix within the atmosphere, forming large clouds. More commonly referred to simply as "thunderstorms," these storms may be separated into two... Read More »