What is whey powder?

Answer While it used to be considered a disposable byproduct, whey powder has become a staple in the food industry. This powder can be found in many food, animal and nutritional products.IdentificationDur... Read More »

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How to Substitute Whey Powder for Non-Fat Dry Milk?

Whey powder is a dairy by-product of the cheese-making process. The milk is first clotted and then whey is separated from the curd, which are the milk solids. Whey powder is the dried protein from ... Read More »

Is whey powder suitable for vegetarians?

There are two proteins in milk: casein and whey. Whey powder is made from cow's milk, so it is suitable for vegetarians who consume dairy products. It is not suitable for vegans, who avoid eating a... Read More »

What does whey protein do Best protein powder?

Not all protein is created equal, whey protein is generally a milk and meat protein, it's gonna be your best bet, also all three of the protein you have are whey, there is casein proteins witch com... Read More »

What can I use as white powder besides foundation powder and baby powder?

The kitchen cabinet should provide some Corn Starch.