What is a father, mother&baby whale called?

Answer There are many species of whales but regardless of the type, the male or father whale is called a bull. The female or mother whale is called a cow and a baby whale is referred to as a calf.Source:T... Read More »

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Is a baby whale called a calf?

A baby whale is, indeed, called a calf. Whale calves usually emerge tail-first after a 17-month gestation period and begin nursing within hours of birth. They nurse for a few seconds at a time, fee... Read More »

If I just got done working out and I feel like I'm going to vomit, should I just go ahead and vomit?

Let it come out, but it means you're overworking yourself or not drinking enough water. Don't hold in vomit -it's stomache acid, so it's harmful to hold back... Plus it gives you heartburny feelings.

What makes a dog vomit?

Vomiting or "throwing up" is nature's way of ridding the body of foreign matter or unwanted food. It may or may not be the indication of a serious ailment. Dogs may vomit for a number of reasons. O... Read More »

What makes a cat vomit?

If you are a cat owner, it may seem as though your pet is vomiting for no apparent reason. Some causes of cat vomiting are not grounds for alarm, but some may require treatment.HairballsThe most co... Read More »