What is webmail?

Answer Webmail is an email service that is intended to be accessed through a web browser over the Internet rather than a private email account accessed through a specific server or a computer.HistoryThe h... Read More »

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What is the file extension for webmail?

"Webmail" is a generic term for a web-based email system. That is, the email messages and the software are stored on the Internet, rather than locally on a personal computer or corporate network. S... Read More »

What Are Mail Settings for GoDaddy Webmail?

One of the most convenient features about using a desktop (or online) email program is the ability to check your email address in that application. For example, you may regularly use Wi... Read More »

How to Archive Webmail?

Archiving emails stores them for future use but removes them from your inbox, reducing clutter while promoting electronic data storage. Computer-based email clients such as Outlook have an archive ... Read More »

How to Upgrade AOL Webmail?

AOL offers free Webmail to AOL and AIM users. AOL Webmail can be conveniently accessed from your home computer, a laptop or even a friend's computer when you are away from your home or office. As n... Read More »