What is web design software?

Answer Web pages are created with HTML and other programming languages such as Flash and Javascript. Originally, all websites had to be hand-coded using a text editor like Notepad. Web design software all... Read More »

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What software can be used for web design?

Many companies offer software for designing web pages. Some are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), meaning you can visually design the pages, and the program creates the HTML code. One well-kn... Read More »

How to Design a Banner With Software?

Even if you've never worked with image editing programs, you can download a trial version of Adobe Photoshop and make a web banner in a matter of an hour. The web banner is a mainstay of Internet c... Read More »

Which software should I buy if I want to teach myself web design?

I suggest going to and doing a search for "tutorial HTML web design" and see what pops up. They have excellent beginner and intermediate tutorials on bunches of stuff. Frontpag... Read More »

Game Design Software?

Here is a good set of C++ video tutorials: some videos with downloadable code and games too:… Read More »