What is water stored in underground layers of rock and soil?

Answer That is called an aquifer.

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Can you drink too much water in a day what happens to the water when it is stored in the gutis this bad f yo?

wow! a simple Q but really it made me think twice...Carbohydrates that are not broken down may absorb too much water and case runny stools, or lack of SCFAs produced by gut flora could cause the di... Read More »

How the Layers of Earth and the Rock Cycle Are Related?

Rocks are constantly changing, but in geologic time. The changing of rock is referred to as the rock cycle; according to Dr. Anne E. Egger, the process is the same now as it was millions of years ago.

How to Make a Sedimentary Rock That Forms in Layers?

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Once a day i have given my soil salty water the plant died now i washed the soil and again potted in a pot but?

Why in any logic, or language, did you add salt??????This has to be a WILD and CRAZY GUY TROLLING, especially when I consider the attempt at Broken English between the question and first answer. T... Read More »