What is water made of that helps plants grow?

Answer Answer: H2O, hydrogen and oxygen. Photosynthesis in plants combines hydrogen from water with carbon from CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere to make carbohydrates, or simple sugars and starches.... Read More »

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What type of water helps plants grow faster?

On One Hand: Using Rain WaterRain water is very effective in accelerating plant growth for a number of reasons. First, rain water is arguably the purest form of water and is generally free of conta... Read More »

What are names of plants that grow in water?

It is Biotic. Biotic is any living thing, or any product/waste of a living thing.

What is in water that makes plants grow?

Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. A plant gets hydrogen from water and carbon dioxide from the air. It uses both of these to create the sugar that gives it energy to grow.Source:Michigan State ... Read More »

What helps chronic plants grow buds faster?