What is water loss from green plants called?

Answer Plants use water to move nutrients around the plant and to release heat. The water is discharged from the leaves and other surfaces of the plant through a process called transpiration.Source:yourdi... Read More »

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What are green plants called?

Green plants are also known as producers. This is because green plants have the capability to produce their own food by using the energy from sunlight to make sugar. The sugar is then used to make ... Read More »

What are the causes of water loss in plants?

Answer One of the causes is the evaporation of water through the stomata. The majority of water taken by the roots of a plant is lost in this way.Plants in hot climates minimise this by having few ... Read More »

What is the green stuff in plants called?

The green stuff in plants is called chlorophyll, which converts solar energy to chemical energy through the process of photosynthesis. The plant uses the energy to grow and reproduce. (The "chloro"... Read More »

What is loss of water from stomata in plants?