What is warm hold button on microwave?

Answer If you put in warm food it will keep it warm without cooking it further.

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How to Warm Up Tortillas in the Microwave?

There are few things worse than pulling some tortillas out of the refrigerator, peeling one off the top of the stack, and watching it split into pieces. A split tortilla is no good to anyone, so yo... Read More »

How can i make warm milk to wake me if i domt wanna wale others because of the microwave beeping?

put the timer on the microwave to longer than necessary and take out the milk before the microwave beeps. leave the door ajar until the morning so the beep won't wake anyone.

To microwave a whole turkey, how many times do I need to hit the "Popcorn" button?

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Will the microwave oven works if I press the start button before closing the door completely?

most of them are designed to only work when the door is completely closed.if it will turn on with the door partially open, it is a safety hazard.