What is wallpaper paste?

Answer Wallpaper paste is an adhesive made specifically for the hanging of wallpaper.TypesDepending on the type of wallpaper being hung, there are a variety of wallpaper pastes, including: clear and clay ... Read More »

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Isn't Professional wallpaper adhesive just thinned out wallpaper paste used for "sizing"?

Yes, that is correct. Your powers of observation are astounding. Maybe they should promote you to be Vice President of the Adhesive Department.(hehe, just kidding, love ya' babe.)

How to Mix Wallpaper Paste?

At one time, wallpaper paste was made from flour and water. Today there are ready-made mixes and powders on the market. If you choose a powder, it is important to mix it correctly so it is effectiv... Read More »

Is wallpaper paste toxic?

Most commercial wallpaper is made up of a variety of chemicals that can be toxic if ingested, inhaled or come in contact with skin or eyes. However, there are many companies now that offer eco-frie... Read More »

How to Dissolve Wallpaper Paste?

Taking down old wallpaper can be a chore. When the wallpaper is finally down and you're faced with the sticky remains of wallpaper paste, it can be a bit disconcerting. While dissolving and removin... Read More »