What is wage garnishment?

Answer A court order that gives a creditor the right to collect money from a delinquent individual's paycheck is the definition of wage garnishment. A creditor can only perform this action by receiving a ... Read More »

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What can I do to stop wage garnishment?

Wage garnishment requires an employer to withhold a percentage of an employee's salary to satisfy a debt owed to a creditor. Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act safeguards an employee f... Read More »

Wage Garnishment Law?

Wage garnishment is a form of debt collection by which a creditor can legally collect funds directly from a debtor's employee, effectively being paid out straight from the debtor's paycheck. Althou... Read More »

Indiana Wage Garnishment Law?

In Indiana, you may be ordered to appear in court for debts you owe to credit card companies, in back child support, for property damage or in a personal injury lawsuit. A creditor must file a comp... Read More »

Wage Garnishment & Bankruptcy?

In the current state of the law, bankruptcy generally acts as a protection for debtors while wage garnishment is a collection method for creditors. Wage garnishment might cause a debtor to file ban... Read More »