What is voluntary manslaughter?

Answer When someone kills a person without a prior plan, it is termed voluntary manslaughter. Voluntary manslaughter has to do with the perpetrator's state of mind at the time of the crime. Voluntary mans... Read More »

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Will auto insurance cover a vehicular manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter accident?

Auto insurance does not cover intentional criminal acts. So it would really just depend on the circumstances.If the insurer determines that it was an accidental loss, then resulting damage and inju... Read More »

What is the penalty for DUI manslaughter?

DUI manslaughter is a when an individual who is over the legal limit in alcohol consumption gets behind the wheel and is involved in an accident where there has been one or more fatalities.Prison S... Read More »

In your country, what is the usual sentence for cases like involuntary manslaughter in a traffic accident?

U.S.The alternative name for this crime is constructive manslaughter. Although the accused did not intend to cause serious harm or foresee the risk of doing so, and although an objective observer w... Read More »

Is involuntary manslaughter a felony?

Involuntary manslaughter is a felony, though the class, or degree of felony depends on the crime. According to the U.S. Code - Section 1112: "Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being w... Read More »