What is vivera ink?

Answer Vivera ink is used exclusively by printer giant Hewlett Packard. There are key features in Vivera ink that sets it apart from the competition.Photos and MoreVivera inks work for both photos and reg... Read More »

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How to Refill Vivera Ink?

Replacing HP Vivera ink cartridges can get expensive. A good alternative to buying new ink cartridges is to refill the cartridge with an ink refill kit from your local computer or electronics store... Read More »

CAn I scan to pdf with HP Vivera scanner?

How long before an HP 38 Vivera ink cartridge needs replacing?

The life of an ink cartridge depends on the quantity and quality of printed material. According to the HP Product Store, HP 38 Vivera Ink Cartridges can print up to 5,000 (magenta) or as low as 32... Read More »

How long before an HP 38 vivera ink cartridge needs changing?

According to, the Vivera 38 ink cartridge can print about 3000 4x6 color photos, or 1500 sheets of paper before the cartridge needs to be changed. Page amount will vary based on the printer ... Read More »