What is virtual memory space?

Answer Knowing the jargon used by the experts at the computer store can be impossible. One term frequently used in reference to a computer's capacity is virtual memory space, or virtual disk space. This t... Read More »

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How do I free up virtual memory space?

Avoid MultitaskingClose all open program windows other than the program you are currently using. Open windows and programs can use up virtual memory even when you aren't using them.End Unnecessary ... Read More »

What is virtual memory in XP?

Virtual memory is not fake memory, as the name may imply. Virtual memory simulates RAM. RAM, or random access memory, is regarded as physical memory.BackgroundRAM is stored in memory chips installe... Read More »

What is virtual memory?

Virtual memory is a method of making a computer seem to have more Random Access Memory (RAM) than it actually does. By reallocating available disk space, the operating system of the computer transp... Read More »

What is windows virtual memory is low?

When opening Office programs on a computer, the phrase "Windows virtual memory is low" may occur if the paging file value is set too low. Users can increase the paging file value in the Computer or... Read More »