What is video rendering?

Answer Video rendering is the process by which compiled and edited digital video elements or designed animated models become a finalized video file. According to Saty Raghavachary of Dreamworks Animation,... Read More »

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I need rendering help with rendering my video on sony vegas pro 10?

The link below is by a poster whom shared a fix for skipping and long render times when using Vegas.

Which is better for video making/rendering and photoshop, amd or intel i3?

Both are same and efficient,but if you are in tight budget!! then go with AMD, as they are cheaper than that of Intel :)

How to Avoid the Cursor Not Rendering when Using Debian Linux with a Legacy Nvidia Video Card?

Are you having problems with the mouse cursor not being rendered on the display when using certain popular derivatives of Debian Linux (such as Ubuntu, Kbuntu, Lubuntu and Mythbuntu) with a legacy ... Read More »

What Is Cloud Rendering?

Cloud rendering is the act of creating computer-generated clouds for video games that require their use. The most complex cloud renders can be found in games such as flight simulators, where cloud ... Read More »