What is video conferencing&why is it important?

Answer Video conferencing aids in connecting consumers through digital voice and video via a communications platform. Consumers can enjoy meaningful interactions in real time while still maintaining long ... Read More »

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Why is a video card important for a computer?

Video cards fall into two categories: embedded and expansion. Both types are crucial to certain tasks and the function of the computer overall, except in very specific circumstances where they are ... Read More »

Which is more important for building a PC...the CPU or Video card ?

Both are Vital . But the Vitally varies dependingon the application for which u are going to use your machine for.Like if u are going to run Business application like Eord/excel powerpoint and inte... Read More »

IMPORTANT: what youtube video should i make next?

Think of an idea and stick to it, I've recently joined Youtube and I'm making videos about my opinions on wrestling and I have a notepad which I write down ideas of future videos to keep myself foc... Read More »

What video codecs are important K-light mega or CCCP?

K-light and CCP aren't codecs as such, they're collections of codecs. I've never looked at them in detail but I'd be prepared to bet that they have a lot of codecs in common. Which codecs you nee... Read More »