Describe the store Victorias Secret?

Answer Pretty panties and bras for thin, beautiful women. Not made for ugly or fat people

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Is Victorias Secret going to be open tomorrow?

Yes they are open as all almost all retail establishments, and yes I'm sure there will be sales. Everybody will have them.

My mom wont let me shop at the victorias secret store "pink"?

Reach a compromise.For example...she can come with you, you'll consider her opinions, and she can have the final say on an item. It might actually work. :)

Can you use Victorias Secret gift cards at Bath and Body Works?

Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret are both Limited Brand stores. Although Bath and Body Works accepts payment via the Angel credit card, the store does not accept Victoria's Secret gift car... Read More »

Why was the government keeping area 51 a secret?

The government needs a place to develop and test top secret military and spy equipment for defense of the US and to maintain military superiority. The area known as area 51 is at Edwards Air Force ... Read More »