What is viacord banking?

Answer ViaCord is the leader in private umbilical cord blood preservation. Expecting parents will hire ViaCord as a way to preserve stem cells and protect against future health emergencies, including bloo... Read More »

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How much is viacord?

As of 2009, ViaCord charges a processing service fee of $2,070 plus an annual storage fee of $125. The initial cost of the service is payable over a 12-month period.Source:Billing FAQ's - ViaCord

What Is the Difference Between Universal Banking&Merchant Banking?

According to the Financial Web website, merchant banking deals with financial advice for large corporations. Merchant banking practices also involves stock underwriting and long-term company loans.... Read More »

Commercial Banking Vs. Personal Banking?

Personal banking, sometimes called retail banking because of the retail services offered to consumers, differs from commercial banking in a number of ways. Financial products and services available... Read More »

Are 'online banking' and 'net banking' similar to 'fishing using a line(tackle)' and 'fishing using a net'?

Well!!!!!!!SureBut, there exists a difference!!Fishing using a tackle can catch fish while using net may even have a shark! (if lucky!!)