What is vermiculite composed of?

Answer Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mica-like mineral that is chemically processed for a broad range of commercial applications. Its chemical composition and related physical properties make vermi... Read More »

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What is in vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a mineral used in a number of industries and is commonly found in garden potting mixes. Vermiculite's mineral makeup is hydrated laminar magnesium-aluminum-ironsilicate, and its chem... Read More »

What is vermiculite made of?

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral. It is made up of shiny flakes, which expand up to eight to 30 times their original size when heated to a high temperature. It is used in construction m... Read More »

What is the R-value of vermiculite?

Vermiculite has an R-value of 2.08 per inch of material. R-value is a measure of insulating ability, and an R-value of 2.08 per inch of thickness provides a modest amount of insulation. In contrast... Read More »

What is perlite or vermiculite?

Perlite, also called vermiculite, is a stone-like volcanic glass that has some highly unique characteristics and applications.The FactsPerlite/vermiculite is a volcanic rock that has the unique abi... Read More »