Are children more likely to commit suicide from name calling verbal abuse or physical abuse?

Answer Not an expert on this stuff but I would say verbal abuse has a much bigger effect than physical. Verbal abuse messes with your mind to where people would be driven to do such a thing as take their ... Read More »

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How often does verbal&mental abuse turn into physical abuse?

On One Hand: Emotional Abuse is Strong Indicator of ViolenceMeasuring the frequency that abuse turns violent is difficult, as up to half of abuse is unreported. However, the chief indicators of fut... Read More »

Can anyone go to jail for verbal abuse on anyone?

How to Respond to Verbal Abuse?

No one likes being called names or being put down. Even if bullies don't hit you, words can be just as hurtful and bad as a punch in the face. Here's how to respond if someone starts verbally abusi... Read More »

What are the effects of verbal abuse on children?

the verbal abuse is a very serious matter for instance if a young child acidentilly spills a glass of milk a parent or both parents may start calling the child stupid and cursing and putting the ch... Read More »