How do i can venison?

Answer Many dedicated deer hunters who value the benefits of the sport--a hearty venison stew or chili--as much as the thrill of the hunt have long enjoyed delicious meals from canned game meats. Canning ... Read More »

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Can venison be kosher?

Meat from any animal that has split hooves and chews its cud can be kosher. Animals that meet this requirement include goats, lambs, deer and buffalo. The animal must be slaughtered according to ... Read More »

Does venison have an odor?

Venison is a game meat and has a game meat odor. Farm-raised venison tastes and smells different than hunted venison. If store bought, the aroma will be apparent when the meat package is opened and... Read More »

How do you spell venison?

Can Jews eat venison?

Venison can be Kosher. It is one of the Orthodox Union's accepted game meats, along with antelope, bison, giraffe and ibex. It would have to be farmed deer, however, because there are steps that mu... Read More »