What is vegetable shortening?

Answer Vegetable shortening is a cooking fat created from vegetable fats through a process called hydrogenation. Although it does not add flavor, it adds a desirable texture to baked goods.ProcessDuring t... Read More »

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Can I substitute melted vegetable shortening for vegetable oil in a cake mix?

You can substitute melted vegetable shortening for vegetable oil in a cake mix. Melt the shortening, then measure it in liquid form. Allow it to cool before adding it to the other cake mix ingredie... Read More »

What is hydrogenated vegetable shortening?

Hydrogenated vegetable shortening is a vegetable oil that has been converted to a solid by the industrial process of hydrogenation. It is often referred to simply as vegetable shortening.Types of O... Read More »

What is solid vegetable shortening?

There are many recipes that call for solid vegetable shortening. For those new to cooking/baking or those that don't normally cook with fats, this ingredient may be quite foreign. Once discovered t... Read More »

What is the shelf life of vegetable shortening?

The shelf life of an unopened can of vegetable shortening is 2 years from the date it is manufactured. Opened, the shelf life is approximately 1 year. Store in a cool area, away from moisture and s... Read More »