Can a toilet get vapor lock?

Answer Vapor lock is a stoppage in a pipeline that is caused by vapor. This problem typically applies to automobiles, when evaporated fuel stops the engine. It can also happen in the pipes of a toilet whe... Read More »

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What is a different between sim lock and factory lock?

What does "Scroll Lock" and "Num Lock" do?

So, having numberlock on, it alows you to actually use the number pad on the keyboard the opposite of that the first answerer said.And scroll lock. it doesn't do much anymore.according to wikipedia... Read More »

What do you use a vapor barrier for?

A vapor barrier is a plastic or foil sheet placed between insulation inside a wall and the wall itself to prevent moisture, mold, rotting and mildew from getting into walls, floors and ceilings.App... Read More »

What is a vapor canister?

A vapor canister is a charcoal lined, rectangular box that reduces car emissions and increases fuel efficiency by trapping and storing gases. Gases are recycled back to the engine when the car is s... Read More »