What is used to polish camera lenses?

Answer With respect to "still" photography (i.e. not movies) the answer is no part.I derives the moniker from the fact that roll film first used in what we know of as the 35mm format was intended for movi... Read More »

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What is the differen between DX lenses and FX lenses for Nikon camera?

DX type lenses are made specifically for Nikons digital SLR cameras. The optics are focused for use on their APS-C digital sensor which is smaller than 35mm film frames.FX type lenses are "Full Fra... Read More »

How to Polish Headlight Lenses?

Plastic lenses on all late-model vehicles tend to yellow or glaze over from ultraviolet light. When this occurs, the light is diffused, seriously lowering its effective candlepower. The lenses are ... Read More »

How to Polish Glass Headlight Lenses?

If the glass headlight lenses on your vehicle are cloudy and opaque, the visible brightness of your headlights is reduced. This can lead to dangerous driving conditions at night or in stormy weathe... Read More »

Can you polish plastic lenses in sunglasses?

Polish can be used on sunglasses with plastic lenses in order to get rid of any scratches. However, polish can affect the prescription of prescription lenses, and can also take off any UV coating t... Read More »