What is used on porous wood/open grain wood to help even out stain colors?

Answer Stain colors on open grain wood can be evened out with the use of two products. The Hardwood Council recommends that you mix fillers with the stain to fill in the pores. You can also use glazes aft... Read More »

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Is plasma spray a porous or non porous coating?

According to the FDA, plasma spray coatings come in both porous and nonporous varieties. Both are often used to attach artificial joints to living bone. A writer at Gordon England says that the por... Read More »

Is gunite considered to be porous or non porous?

Answer Gunite is a type of sprayed concrete, and is basically as porous as concrete is.

How to Bring the Wood Grain Out in Pine?

Pine can be a bland, colorless wood with little or no grain patterns. It is a softwood and lacks deep pores that readily absorb stain. However, pine can be manipulated with wood filler to bring out... Read More »

How to Clean Wood-Grain Paneling Walls?

Wood-grain paneling appears in homes and business throughout the world. Most of this type of paneling is treated with a finish that resists light moisture. If you need to clean your wood-grain pane... Read More »