What is urinary suppression?

Answer When urine is suppressed this means there is no secretion or output of urine. This occurs when the secreting function of the kidneys is destroyed entirely or partially.DangerousSuppression of urine... Read More »

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What is the benefit of fire suppression?

It prevents the enemy from being able to direct effective fire at you, giving you time to either manoeuver to their position, or to break contact. It's also instrument in establishing fire superior... Read More »

Fire Suppression Systems on School Buses?

If a fire starts on a school bus, drivers need to evacuate the children very quickly. This is particularly difficult when the bus is transporting handicapped children. These fires could be set off ... Read More »

What is noise suppression in digital image processing?

removing noise from digital images. Noise is random color pixels which appears at digital images.

Why aren't there integrated fire suppression systems in cars?

Let that baby burn. Claiming that motors are dangerous because of the little explosions is like saying a spatula might cut you like a knife because its made from metal. To realistically put out ... Read More »