What is urethane paint?

Answer Urethane paint, also known as polyurethane or polyester polyurethane, is a paint made from acrylic resin that is typically used to paint automobiles, buildings and boats, according to the Center fo... Read More »

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How do I paint with urethane?

Brushing UrethaneBrush urethane only onto a wooden surface. Use a fine bristle brush with a straight edge and spread it directly from the can. Paint with the grain of the wood in even strokes and t... Read More »

How do I clean urethane paint?

Urethane is a Hard SurfaceUrethane paints or paints with urethane content provide a hard, easy-to-clean surface for your house, car or even your boat. You can get pure urethane paints or those with... Read More »

How to Paint With Two-stage Urethane?

Two-stage urethane paint consists of a base coat, which is the color, and a clear coat, which goes on top of the base coat for protection and shine. Two-stage urethane is not a difficult paint to w... Read More »

Urethane Paint Safety?

Urethane paints, lacquers and other products can pose certain dangers if users ignore basic safety precautions in using and storing these products. Crosslink Technology regards following the manufa... Read More »