What is urethane insulation?

Answer Urethane insulation is a common type of insulation used in buildings to protect against cold, wind and water.StructureThe structure of urethane insulation is plastic polymers with 80 percent to 90 ... Read More »

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How do I Install Insulation Baffles Above the Exterior Wall to Protect the Insulation From Air?

Insulation baffles keep attic insulation from contacting the underside of the roof, and provide for a free flow of air from the soffit vents to the ridge vent. This prevents the buildup of condensa... Read More »

What is urethane used for?

Urethane and polyurethane have a wide variety of uses, such as tire treads in elevators and escalators, cutting sticks in printers, and shock-absorbing gun mounts. They are also used in adapters on... Read More »

How do I cure urethane?

MixMix the urethane correctly according to the manufacturer's directions. Soft spots in urethane are an indication that the product is not mixed thoroughly.TestTest the urethane by making a small m... Read More »

How do I dry urethane quickly?

Prepare SurfaceStart with a clean and oil-free surface. Oil and dirt will impede drying times and can even prolong them for days. Sand any wood surfaces to prepare them and clean other surfaces tho... Read More »