What is urea nitrogen?

Answer Urea nitrogen refers to the nitrogen contained in the chemical urea. It is a common and widely manufactured fertilizer.ChemistryUrea's chemical formula is (NH2)2CO. The nitrogen in urea comprises 4... Read More »

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Does urea contain nitrogen?

The chemical formula of urea is (NHâ‚‚)â‚‚CO. Thus, each molecule of urea contains two atoms of nitrogen. Furthermore, nitrogen comprises 46.6 percent of urea by weight. Therefore, each pound of ur... Read More »

Are high urea nitrogen levels indicative of high ammonia levels?

Disregarding the effects of some diseases or genetic disorders, high urea nitrogen levels may be directly indicative of high ammonia levels. Ammonia is toxic in the body and must be removed through... Read More »

What is the difference between serum urea and blood urea?

Serum means the liquid left after clotting of blood, fibrinogen having been removed. BUN stands for blood urea nitrogen. Urea nitrogen is what forms when protein breaks down. The BUN test is often... Read More »

Do Plants Use Nitrogen to Make Nitrogen Gas?

Nitrogen, or N2, is the most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere. It's also an essential nutrient for life; the form found in the atmosphere, however, is relatively inert and thus difficult for plan... Read More »